About Me

Hello, my name is Benjamin Schmitt. I am an IT consultant and started my journey as a VMware-Enthusiast.

If I had to briefly describe myself:

  1. Problem Solver

When faced with challenges, I mix logic, creativity, and a dash of caffeine to come up with solutions. I constantly seek for new ideas and approaches to solve challenges.

  1. Adventurer

My role extends beyond the initial implementation phase. I continuously evaluate the implemented solution, monitor system´s health, troubleshoot issues and fine tune performance.

  1. Strategic and Tech Navigator

My goal is to align your business objectives with technical solutions. Whether it’s optimizing workflows, strengthening security measures or ensure that IT systems meet current and future requirements.

  1. Knowledge Whisperer

To maximize the value of technology, it must be accepted by users. With knowledge transfer sessions I ensure that customers understand and use the technologies effectively.

  1. Bridge Builder

I move between two worlds - the binary world and the world of business. I translate technical jargon and make sure everyone is on the same page.